Saturday, June 24, 2017

Duterte-fied in Davao

Pres. Duterte's humble home
Almost everyone in the country knows the name Rodrigo Duterte, the face and attitude that equates progress and discipline in Davao City despite its dark association with extra-judicial killings on people who are suspected to be petty criminals. He has the image of a “dictator,” but yet he remained admired by the people not only in Davao City but throughout Mindanao, if not the whole country. 

So why is he adored by the masses? Definitely, he can never be a saint because of his murderous pronouncements, and not to mention the foul language he utters in order to send the message across. This is one of the many reasons why our interest piqued to visit Davao because we want to witness it first hand. We want to know why despite of him throwing threats publicly with death as consequence of breaking laws, he is still returned with love and admiration.

Lodging: Las Casitas De Angela Inn II

509 Loyola Street Bo. Obrero, Davao City, Mindanao 8000, Philippines


Must try Davao delicacies/restos:

Roxas Market

Not your ordinary dirty ice cream. Try their extremely creamy Durian ice cream.

Dood's Ihaw-Ihaw

Sinuglaw. It's like Kinilaw in the Tagalogs. 

The best Grilled Tuna in the Philippines!
Grilled seafood dinner with our Davao friends

Glamour Crab Buffet

Unlimited crabs for PHP 450!

Malagos Cocoa

Variety of Malagos Cocoa. 70% Dark is my personal favorite.

Day 1 

Dencia's Restaurant

Breakfast with our Dabawenya friend, Ate Yancy in Dencia's. Special thanks to her for personally touring us the whole day of our 1st day in Davao. 

Davao City Hall

Martial law tanks at the City Hall of Davao

Museo Dabawenyo

While some museums charge entrance fees, Museo Dabawenyo is free for everyone who wants to enrich their knowledge about the history and culture of Davao. It is air conditioned, well-maintained and with an eloquent tour guide who would make your museum tour experience fun and worthwhile. 

With Davao's Artist Victor "Bong" Espinosa.

Duterte Residence

David has long been wanting to go here because he's an avid Duterte supporter (no shame). 

People's Park

Magsaysay Park

Known for the long stretch of fruit stands wherein you can also buy and dine fruits at the sidewalk. Your Davao experience is incomplete if you didn't get to try their Durian and Marang. Unfortunately, it's not the season for Mangosteen so we didn't tick it off our list.

Durian and Marang eating. Thanks Ate Pet for the treat and for teaching us the different kinds of Durian!

Day 2

We booked a day tour package for only PHP 3,000 with Kuya Joey as our driver/tour guide. He was the winner of the Pinoy Tsuper hero, a nationwide search for the role model Filipino driver, powered by Phoenix Petroleum Philippines in cooperation with ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation.

Contact Number: (0928)786-3987

Eden Nature Park

The whole park is a massive 80 hectares. Needless to say, because of its vast land, we didn't finished touring it. We only went to the selected places no one wouldn't want to miss.

 Sky Swing Duo- PHP 400

Sky Cycle- PHP 200 each

Secret Garden

Butterfly Garden

Philippine Eagle Foundation

Entrance Fee:
PHP 200 - Children
PHP 250 - Adults

Another known place to visit in Davao is this sanctuary where our National Bird is situated, the Philippine Eagle. Though I'm really scared of birds, I gave this place a try. 

Named "Mindanao"

Clawed into my boyfriend's arm because I was that scared. Nope, I'm not clingy. 

Brgy. Tamayong Prayer Mountain

Entrance Fee: PHP 250

They have strict dress code so you better wear something more conservative. I was wearing sleeveless spaghetti strap and tattered shorts that time and was advised to rent their maxi skirt for PHP 50 so that I could be given a pass to enter. Good thing I brought an extra shirt with me which saved me another PHP 50. David was also advised to wear pants even if he's already wearing a knee length shorts.

For everyone's information, this beautiful and serene place was founded and built by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. I heard his name before as one of Duterte's campaign financiers. 

Star of David fountain

Pastor Quiboloy's House

Rest house/sleeping quarters for volunteers

Rest house/sleeping quarters for the pastors

Jack's Ridge

The view up here is nice and scenic because it's overlooking Davao City.

Just want to add this pic because it's funny. HAHAHA

Apo ni Lola Durian House

For pasalubongs, this is the place to be. You can see here all the variety of things you could do with Durian. 

-Durian Pastillas
-Durian Cake
-Durian Chocolate
-Durian Shake
-Durian Yeam 
-Durian Piaya
-Durian Tart

Day 3

Samal Island Hopping

PHP 700 per head (inclusive of buffet breakfast, lunch and snacks)
Contact number: 
Liza Dela Penam Ucab-(0929)665-0315

5 Stop Overs:
- Taclobo Sanctuary (PHP 100 entrance fee + PHP 150 for snorkeling gaggles)
- Babu Santa
- Coral Garden
- Isla Cristina
- Wishing Island

Buffet meal. They refill it every once in a while.

Day 4

Farewell date with our friends in Davao who had welcomed us with open arms. Thank you Ate Yancy, Ate Pet and Karen for your warm hospitality. Our Davao experience was nothing short of fun and amazing. You all left us with wonderful memories we will surely keep.

60-second video of our Davao Trip

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Strawberry Farm in Bulacan

This weekend, we took a day trip to the strawberry farm in Brgy. Calumpang, Calumpit, Bulacan on my sister's request. It was actually for her #strawberrychallenge post wherein she has to post something about strawberries, and being a supportive sister that I have always been, I (reluctantly) gave in to her request. Plus, it's just half an hour away from our house in Bulacan and just about an hour and a half away from Manila, so why not? Besides, buying and eating strawberry is a different feeling from picking and eating it yourself.

There are many kinds of strawberries as there are many kinds of apples. Each has a variety of shape, size, taste and color. The strawberries found here in Calumpit, Bulacan are the Hawaiian variety that can survive tropical heat and produces sweeter berries. The best part is, the owner won't charge you for the entrance fee. I repeat, NO ENTRANCE FEE.

How to get there?


Five Star Cubao Station > Bus going to Calumpit, Bulacan ( Php. 60) > Drop off at Brgy. Calumpang, Calumpit (Landmark: Don Benito's and Enlin's) > Ride a pedicab (Php. 20 per head) then tell the driver to drop you off at Reyes Strawberry Farm.

Private car: 

From Manila, take NLEX via Tabang Exit. Go straight passed Malolos Crossing and CEU Malolos until you reach Brgy. Calumpang, Calumpit Bulacan (Landmark: Don Benito's and Enlin's). Turn right then go straight. You'll see signage directions going to Reyes Strawberry Farm. You can park your car inside. 

Entrance of the farm


You can buy their strawberry plant for Php. 200-300 and grow it in your backyard.


Reyes Farm doesn't only limit with strawberries, but they also have a garden of different kinds of flowers too.

And they also grow grapes and dragon fruits. Unfortunately, it's not yet their season when we visited.

No, these are not cherries! They're sili (Guyana or Wiri Wiri Pepper).

This is my sister whom I was talking about earlier.


Yumyard Malolos

From Reyes Strawberry Farm, it's just 15 mins. away and is located in A. Mabini St., Guinhawa, Malolos, Bulacan (Short walk from Malolos Crossing and is just beside Greenville Hotel)

So basically, the set up is like The Yard in Pasig City and Carnival Food Park in Marikina. They are open from 4pm to 12 midnight.




Wagyu Cheese Steak - Php 149 (Good for 2 persons)

Bag of Shrimps- Php 180 (Good for 2 persons)

Watermelon Punch- Php 40

Nerdy Perry- Php 220 (The most expensive we've bought.)

Churros- Php 110 (It tasted good but I'm not fan of its texture)
Nachos- Php 99 (comes with 2 dip)

This whole one day trip was just plain amazing. What a way to spend the weekend with your family!

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