Saturday, March 11, 2017

Strawberry Farm in Bulacan

This weekend, we took a day trip to the strawberry farm in Brgy. Calumpang, Calumpit, Bulacan on my sister's request. It was actually for her #strawberrychallenge post wherein she has to post something about strawberries, and being a supportive sister that I have always been, I (reluctantly) gave in to her request. Plus, it's just half an hour away from our house in Bulacan and just about an hour and a half away from Manila, so why not? Besides, buying and eating strawberry is a different feeling from picking and eating it yourself.

There are many kinds of strawberries as there are many kinds of apples. Each has a variety of shape, size, taste and color. The strawberries found here in Calumpit, Bulacan are the Hawaiian variety that can survive tropical heat and produces sweeter berries. The best part is, the owner won't charge you for the entrance fee. I repeat, NO ENTRANCE FEE.

How to get there?


Five Star Cubao Station > Bus going to Calumpit, Bulacan ( Php. 60) > Drop off at Brgy. Calumpang, Calumpit (Landmark: Don Benito's and Enlin's) > Ride a pedicab (Php. 20 per head) then tell the driver to drop you off at Reyes Strawberry Farm.

Private car: 

From Manila, take NLEX via Tabang Exit. Go straight passed Malolos Crossing and CEU Malolos until you reach Brgy. Calumpang, Calumpit Bulacan (Landmark: Don Benito's and Enlin's). Turn right then go straight. You'll see signage directions going to Reyes Strawberry Farm. You can park your car inside. 

Entrance of the farm


You can buy their strawberry plant for Php. 200-300 and grow it in your backyard.


Reyes Farm doesn't only limit with strawberries, but they also have a garden of different kinds of flowers too.

And they also grow grapes and dragon fruits. Unfortunately, it's not yet their season when we visited.

No, these are not cherries! They're sili (Guyana or Wiri Wiri Pepper).

This is my sister whom I was talking about earlier.


Yumyard Malolos

From Reyes Strawberry Farm, it's just 15 mins. away and is located in A. Mabini St., Guinhawa, Malolos, Bulacan (Short walk from Malolos Crossing and is just beside Greenville Hotel)

So basically, the set up is like The Yard in Pasig City and Carnival Food Park in Marikina. They are open from 4pm to 12 midnight.




Wagyu Cheese Steak - Php 149 (Good for 2 persons)

Bag of Shrimps- Php 180 (Good for 2 persons)

Watermelon Punch- Php 40

Nerdy Perry- Php 220 (The most expensive we've bought.)

Churros- Php 110 (It tasted good but I'm not fan of its texture)
Nachos- Php 99 (comes with 2 dip)

This whole one day trip was just plain amazing. What a way to spend the weekend with your family!

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Bali In The Philippines

CINTAI CORITO'S GARDEN, is the Bali within reach here in the Philippines. It is situated in Balete Road, Leviste Highway, Lipa, Batangas and just 2-3 hours away from Metro Manila. I've learned about this from a friend and decided to come and visit for total relaxation.

Previously it was pivately owned but the owner decided to open it to the public and eventually partnered with Microtels.

How to book a reservation?

Visit their official website:

They require 10% down payment and the remaining balance will be paid upon check-in. If you decided to cancel, at least inform them 7 days before or else you'll be charged with the remaining amount for no show.

How to get to Cintai Corito's Garden?


LRT Gil Puyat Station > Bus going to SM Lipa > Drop off at Levy Town  (Landmark: Caltex) > Ride a jeep to Malabanan then tell the driver to drop you off at Cintai Corito Garden.

Private car: 

From Manila, take SLEX all the way to Startoll Express Exit at Malvar (2nd Exit) and turn left. Go straight until National Highway then turn right. About 10kms, you'll see Caltex gasoline and Jollibee. And 3kms straight you'll reach the Balete Arch and about 100m from that point is Cintai Corito's Garden on the left side of the road.

You can always use Waze App.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed with "lemon grass" drink. It tasted really sweet with the aromatic scent of lemon and with what seemed like jasmine. All the staff were very accommodating and patient to answer a few of our questions about the place.

Terrace Villa 

Cost: Php. 5,999 per night with complimentary breakfast
Max. of 2 adults. Extra person charge in the room is Php. 1,650 per person. 

Here's what the outside of our villa looked like,

Fully airconditioned room with thick curtains

2 beds with Indonesian inspired interiors

It has a refrigerator too with complimentary water bottles but no Wifi internet connection and TV set. We were told that it was intended that way for a complete package of relaxation that is away from the busy city life.

Bali-inspired cabinets and  paintings

As I enter their bathroom, I was amazed by how spacious, well-maintained and clean they were.

Facilities and Amenities

Balinese or rather the Javanese architecture is one of the most popular Asian tropical architectural styles with their very unique flair for being in harmony with nature. Wood carvings of Hindu gods, rocks or stones, triangular and edgy roofs with lush greens are the most common elements of Balinese style and it brings relaxed and tropical atmosphere.

Koi Pond

Gazeebo with garden. Perfect for reading books while enjoying the nature.

 Peacock cage. Yes, there were lots of animals roaming around.

The pathways have small stairs and you should really be careful. I'm guessing it was also intended for the animals roaming around just like the chickens and ducks.

Peacock function hall

 Elephant portal

Play ground


Volleyball court

Swimming Pools

There were a total of 4 swimming pools. 2 kiddie pools and 2 adult pools (5ft - 6ft)

Dinning Hall- "Abadi Resto"

Open for dinner: 6pm-8pm. 
Cut-off time for orders is 7pm. They close really early so better be mindful of the time.

For an average budget of Php. 1,000 you can have a scrumptious dinner meal. So here's the list of foods that we ordered that might help you decide the next time you visit here.

 For starters, we had Calamari's Fritos- Php. 330

 Penne with Tomatoes Chorizo and Cream- Php. 395

 Shake Shack Burger- Php. 395

MUST TRY!!! Creme Caramel- Php. 105
Velvety custard of eggs, heavy cream and a touch of coconut milk. Tapped with caramel syrup.

Movie Room

If you really can't survive without television, you may schedule a time slot for viewing at the reception area. This is part of what you paid for so you better avail it. 

Comfy leather seats, 54-inch TV and fully air-conditioned. 

Complimentary breakfast

Serving Time: 7am-9am

 Chicken Macaroni Soup

Scrambled Egg, Fried Rice with Bistek Tagalog


People nowadays live in a very hectic lifestyle and sometimes don't have the time for themselves. Visiting this place is also the time to leave all the paper work and other work matters behind.
  • The place is tranquil with natural and man-made landscapes. Perfect for relaxation.
  • Budget friendly
  • Well-kept. Not only it looks good in pictures but is also a lot nicer in person. I never heard of a similar place. Should there be soon, Cintai Corito's Garden sure has set the bar high to reckon.


  • The meals are not value for money.
If you can't survive without internet, this place is definitely not for you. You can still access the internet but you have to go to the reception area for the wifi connection. Using your cellular data will not be much of help because it's lagging too.

TIP: Make sure to bring books, board games and chips to kill the time.


To David, 

Happy Post-Anniversary! This trip was amazing and thank you for making it perfect! I wouldn't have want to spent it with anyone else. Cheers to more wonderful memories that lies ahead of us. 

I love us

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